What’s the story behind THAT church?

In 2008 Morgantown Community Church relaunched and quickly started growing. As a church we said we would do anything short of sin to reach people for Christ. Soon our leadership started noticing a pattern when we met leadership from other churches. After being asked what church we are a part of we would get the reply “Oh, THAT church.” Yep, THAT needs to be capitalized to show the way it was said. It was like they knew something about us we didn’t know, they weren't going to tell us, and their mind was made up.

At first, we were offended. Over time it became a something we celebrated. The majority of American churches have not seen any growth in years, or are shrinking. We are growing and have been seeing God doing incredible things in people’s lives for over 10 years.

If us being willing to be a little out of the box makes us THAT church…we will embrace it.

God's not boring and neither are we

We are a place where EVERYONE is welcome

We will not water down or compromise the Word of God

You can't meet God and not change

We will do anything short of sin to reach people for Christ

We believe people need to connect in healthy relationships to succeed in life

Our invitation to you

We see Life Change

Changed Finances

Changed Marriages

Changed Hearts